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Something About Canaan


Welcome to the history of Canaan Semiconductor



  • Turntable
  • Canaan developed CS6A4986 based RIAA equalization capable phono amplifier.
  • Canaan also developed the complete chip set for the construction of Servo Driver for the turntable.


  • CS6A4983 WiFi Amplifier
  • This CS6A4983 amplifier equpped with Libre LS-5B WiFi audio module.
  • This amplifier deliver Hi-Res compliance audio with up to 24bit 192KHz resolution audio using Cirrus Logic CS4398 DAC to deliver 10WRMS x 2 @ 4 ohm stereo HiFi audio.
  • Equipped with LibreStream and LibreSync, allows this amplifier to connect to almost all audio streaming server


  • CS6A4689 based CSEVB6401 Headphone Amplifier
  • This Hi-Res compliance headphone amplifier has everything in your dream list. Li-ion battery powered to provide more than 20 hours of service. Wide bandwidth, high phase linearity, and high gain linearity. High output voltage with +/-9V output dynamic range. Wide output load driving capability: from 10ohm to 800ohms without the need to alter output impedance matching circuit. Gain control with three different levels. Embedded with 800mA Li-ion USB charging circuit, and low voltage shut down circuit. Amplifier start up isolation circuit with Omron relay.



  • CS6A4983 Amplifier Debuts in CES
  • A CS6A4983 stereo audio integrated amplifier debut in CES, Las Vegas.


  • Minature Size Touch Sensor
  • Canaan built the first demo unit of metallic touch sensing switch using CS3T113. It's compact size makes it to be one of the smallest metallic switch.


  • Asymmetirc Linear Amplifier
  • Canaan built the first demo unit of asymmetric linear amplifier using CS6A4976 with N-channel IGBT as output push-pull stage.
  • The IGBT based output stage can produce sweet music just like the vacuum tubes.


  • Large Power Current Assisted Linear Amplifier
  • Canaan built the first demo unit of large power current assisted linear amplifier using CS6A4991.
  • The CS6A4991 has the same core as that of CS6A4983, except that it is designed to drive with off-chip NMOS-PMOS or NPN-PNP output push-pull stage.
  • With up to +/-24V supply voltage, the output power of this power efficient linear amplifier can achieve 50WRMS @ 4ohm.



  • Successfully developed SSD-MAGFET on 2.5um metal gate CMOS technology.


  • Current Assisted Linear Amplifier
  • Canaan built the first demo amplifier unit using CS6A4983 current assisted linear amplifier.
  • A new era of audio amplification has just started.



  • New Office
  • Successful graduated from HKSTP incubation program.
  • Move to a workshop in FoTan with bigger space, and installed more equipment.


  • Discrete Power Devices
  • Started shipping of VDMOS, IGBT, and BJT wafers to customers.
  • Canaan now market wide range of discrete devices, ranging from 500mA 20V to 30A 1200V


  • Jointed HK Government SERAP Program
  • Keep on innovating. Canaan started working on CMOS magentic sensor using 2.5um metal gate technology.


  • Power Management ICs
  • Start to market power management ICs.
  • Drop in replacement of competitors' LDO regulators, and DC-DC converters, and also comes with lower noise, better efficiency and higher accuracy.


  • Start Up
  • Joined the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park incubation program.
  • Started to modernize 2.5um metal gate CMOS process for mix-signal circuit design.